Tree Felling Service

There are a number of reasons why properties may require a tree felling service.  Whatever the reason, you want the work to be carried out by a qualified and experienced company in your local area who can do the job effectively and with minimal disruption.  This is what ARB Tree Services offer to the West Midlands area from our base in Dudley.

Felling Services

  • Safe tree felling
  • Avoids damage to property
  • Minimalize disruption
  • Removal of tree and debris
  • Loping of neighbouring trees then possible

Why Trees Need Felling

Like everything, trees have a lifespan.  For many species, this is a long time, sometimes centuries or more.  But when the end of what lifespan comes, the tree needs to be expertly felled.  If it isn’t, there is the risk that it falls on its own with no control over where it lands and this can lead to significant damage to property and other landscaping.

By using a tree surgeon to remove the tree, you can be certain that the process will be a controlled one.  Tree surgeons use specialist equipment to ensure that the tree is removed in a particular way to make the process safe and to ensure there is minimal damage to any surrounding bushes and trees.

Why Use an Expert

Cutting a small tree might seem a simple task that can be done by anyone with a saw.  But even a small tree can cause problems if it falls in the wrong place – it may become lodged on another tree or hedge and cause a problem.

And with larger trees, the problem is far greater – the tree surgeon will consider elements such as the slope of the ground, the height of the tree and if there is a lean to it.  Therefore, when you need someone to look at a tree you think may need felling, you should always hire an expert tree surgeon to perform the task.


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Our professional tree surgeons carry out their work safely and efficiently, assessing each job and using the correct equipment. So if your looking to trim a hedge, or to carry out tree pruning, contact ARB Tree Services today.