Hedge Trimming Services

Hedges make an attractive way to edge your property and look more pleasant than a simple wooden fence.  However, they do require some attention to keep them healthy and smart looking and this sometimes means using hedge trimming services when the task is beyond normal maintenance.  This is now a service that ARB Tree Services offers to customers around the Dudley area.

Hedge Services

  • Makes a smart border
  • Maintains the size and shape of the hedge
  • Ensures it is cut in the right way
  • Prevents dead sections
  • Can make a feature in the garden

Pruning Hedges

Pruning hedges are about more than just cutting off unruly growth – there’s almost an art to it.  It pays to start pruning a hedge from early times in order to get it to grow in the shape and direction you require.  But when you move into a house with an established garden and hedge, this isn’t always possible.

Therefore, good management of the hedge is important.  Not only will it ensure it looks good, it will make it a smart boundary definition and be sure it doesn’t grow too much onto your neighbour’s property and cause a dispute.  Managing the height of hedges is also important as if they are too tall, they can block light to windows.

Cutting at the Right Time

Cutting hedges at the right time ensures you don’t damage the plant and even kill it.  After all, having your branches cut off is quite traumatic!  By using an expert service to keep your hedge in top condition and great shape, you can ensure you don’t end up with dead sections, spoiling the look and leading to more work.

The art of cutting hedges is also known as topiary and while it is often associated with stately homes and castles, anyone can have a nicely shaped hedge or tree in their garden.  So, if you have hedges in the garden that aren’t just for a boundary, give us a call to discuss making them into a feature


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Our professional tree surgeons carry out their work safely and efficiently, assessing each job and using the correct equipment. So if your looking to trim a hedge, or to carry out tree pruning, contact ARB Tree Services today.