Tree Lopping Services

Tree lopping services involve the amending of a tree to ensure it remains in a certain shape with no outlying branches that might cause problems.  It is one of the services offered by ARB Tree Services to customers around the Dudley area.

Lopping Services

  • Help with damaged trees
  • Removed lightning damaged sections
  • Stop a tree from overhanging neighbours
  • Ensures a tree grows in the right direction
  • Makes the garden area tidier

What is Tree Lopping?

If you have trees on your property, you will find yourself requiring tree lopping services at some point.  Even small trees can grow the ‘wrong’ way and overhang a neighbouring property or block light from a window.  But lopping is about more than just chopping off the offending branch in order to stop the problem.

The aim of tree lopping is to trim branches and to modify the overall tree shape in order to keep it within the space you require.  This might mean the branches are removed and limbs altered to ensure new branches grow in a specific direction or pattern to keep the overall tree shape correct.  It also involves minimalizing overall damage to the tree by removing areas that are affecting its stability and causing it to lean.

Dealing with Damaged Trees

Another frequent use for tree lopping services is to help deal with damaged trees.  High winds and lightning strikes are two reasons that a tree can be damaged but it may not be dead.  In this situation, tree lopping will remove the damaged parts to save the whole tree or to avoid an accidentally fall.

Tree lopping is a skilled task as removing the wrong branches, too many or at the wrong time and you risk killing the entire tree.  By using a qualified tree surgeon, you can ensure the best results possible and save the whole tree while removing damaged or problem parts that are causing you or your neighbour’s issues.


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