Tree Pruning Services

For many homeowners, the trees around their property are a source of pride, creating a natural backdrop to their property.  For many premises trees take away the starkness of more functional building design and allow the property do their bit for the surrounding environment.  But trees do need some care and attention to keep them in top condition and this is by ARB Tree Services now offer a tree pruning service.

Pruning Services

  • Remove damaged areas
  • Restore the appearance of the tree
  • Allow better air circulation for tree health
  • Stop branches obscuring neighbouring properties
  • Lower the height of the tree

When is Tree Pruning Needed?

There are several reasons why a tree might need pruning.  It may have storm damaged branches or ones affected by lightning that no longer have signs of life and look unsightly.  These damaged branches could even be affecting the integrity of the whole tree, causing it to pull to one side and be a concern.

Tree height is another issue that can require pruning.  Insurance policies sometimes make reference to the height of certain types of trees near a property so keeping them below limits can ensure they are not a problem.  If trees are too high, they can block neighbouring properties and cause disputes.  Whatever the reason, by pruning the tree, the height can be reduced without damaging the tree.

Pruning for Aesthetic Reasons

Sometimes pruning is more about maintaining the look of the landscaped area.  Trees don’t grow in a set way and branches can head off in many directions so pruning can restore the overall shape.  It can help the tree as well by allowing better air circulation and thinning the crown to prevent the tree becoming top heavy.

A well-pruned tree can be a visual pleasure and while keen gardeners can often do some of this work, to ensure a comprehensive system it is best to use an experienced tree surgeon to do the work.


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Our professional tree surgeons carry out their work safely and efficiently, assessing each job and using the correct equipment. So if your looking to trim a hedge, or to carry out tree pruning, contact ARB Tree Services today.