Stump Grinding Service

A stump grinding service is a specialist service offered by tree surgeons that use equipment not normally held by homeowners.  It is a step beyond normal garden maintenance and isn’t one that you need often.  But if you have a tree stump on your land that is causing problems, this service is the one that can deal with it.

Grinding Services

  • Stumps look unpleasant
  • They can allow mould and fungi to grow
  • They can stop a project such as an extension or a patio
  • The tree may still grow back

Why Remove Tree Stumps?

Tree stumps may not seem to be much of a hazard most of the time.  But they can become a problem under different circumstances and can even hold up development if you are having an extension or a patio laid.  Stumps are the remains when a tree has been cut down and are still connected to the defunct root system.  They are often near the ground but do stick up somewhat as they hard to remove without specialist equipment.

Old stumps can also look unpleasant after a time as they often attract mould and fungi.  This can even spread to neighbouring plants and trees, leading to decay and other problems.  They can stop any work in the area such as the laying of a patio or an extension until they are removed and there is always the chance that the tree roots aren’t dead and the tree grows back.

Stump Grinder

ARB Tree Services use a stump grinder to remove these stumps and ensure you don’t have to deal with any of these problems.  Stump grinders usually look a bit like a lawnmower and are designed to be pushed over the stump as they have a very sharp blade underneath.  This cuts the stump and grinds it down until there is nothing left.

These pieces of equipment can be quite dangerous so it is always best to let a professional use them.  We offer a stump grinding service as a standalone service or in addition to other tree surgeon tasks.


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